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EOT Crane
EOT cranes are the most popular kind of overhead crane. These are an electric overhead travelling crane. Depending on the situation, they can be utilised in factories, warehouses, material yards, etc. EOT cranes can be electrically controlled via a control pendant, a remote control, or an operator cabin. 
Wire Rope Hoist
Wire rope hoists are used in commercial and industrial applications. They operate quietly and smoothly, and can perform lifts more quickly than chain hoists. Wire rope hoists come with 10 tonnes or more of capacity. These perform the lift by wrapping the wire rope cable around a grooved drum. 
JIB Crane
JIB cranes is a particular kind of crane that supports a moveable hoist attached to a wall or a floor-mounted pillar with a horizontal component. These are employed on military vehicles and in industrial settings.
Goliath Crane
Goliath Crane is a large and strong machine used for lifting and moving heavy goods. It is made up of a sizable horizontal beam with pulley systems at both ends.Industrial goliath crane raises object using a thick steel cable that passes through the pulleys. 
Crab Assembly
Crane Assembly uses an electrically driven trolley to move over a rail or rails positioned above or below the crane. The weight can be moved horizontally by the trolley, which travels the entire length of the crane. 
Under Slung Crane
Industrial under slung crane is a flexible piece of equipment that has several potential uses. It can be utilised in construction and other industrial contexts in addition to being often employed in factories and warehouses to transport big goods.