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Electric Cranes

Revolutionize your material handling capabilities with our Electric Cranes, versatile solutions for diverse industrial tasks. Engineered for precision and efficiency, these cranes excel in lifting heavy loads with ease. The Single Girder design offers flexibility for lighter applications, while the Double Girder provides increased stability and higher lifting capacities. Advanced controls and safety features ensure secure vertical movement, making them ideal for various industrial settings. The durable construction guarantees longevity, while user-friendly controls streamline operations. Elevate your material handling efficiency with the strength and adaptability of our Single & Double Girder EOT Cranes, essential for optimizing industrial processes.

Overhead EOT Crane

  • Usage:Industrial
  • Condition:New
  • Product Type:Overhead EOT Crane
  • Crane Traveling Speed:5-10 m/min,0-5 m/min m/m
  • Loading Capacity:1-5 ton,5-10 ton,10-20 ton,20-30 ton,30-40 ton Tonne
  • Span Length:30-40 m,20-30 m,10-20 m,1-10 m Meter (m)
Price: 500000 INR/Unit

Overhead Traveling Crane

  • Crane Traveling Speed:0-5 m/min m/m
  • Product Type:Overhead Traveling Crane
  • Condition:New
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Span Length:>40 m Meter (m)
  • Crane Type:Overhead
  • Lifting Capacity:>25 ton Tonne
Price: 500000 INR/Unit

EOT Overhead Crane

  • Lifting Height:0-20 feet, 20-40 feet, 40-60 feet Foot (ft)
  • Condition:New
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Product Type:EOT Overhead Crane
  • Lifting Capacity:Max 50 Ton Tonne
  • Color:Yellow
  • Crane Type:Eot
Price: 1000000 INR/Unit

Material Handling EOT Crane

  • Condition:New
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Product Type:Material Handling EOT Crane
  • Lifting Height:0-20 feet Foot (ft)
  • Loading Capacity:500 Kg To 50 Ton Tonne
  • Span Length:>100 feet Foot (ft)
  • Lifting Capacity:50 Ton Tonne
Price: 500000 INR/Unit